1. Too many hashtags.

2. I keep hearing warnings not to overreact when another black men gets killed. It reminds me of the people of Israel responding to the cries of the prophets of old.

3. I’m not sure if we realize how toxic our silence is. When it comes to justice, the lack of a consistent, united, and culturally audible voice from the church is beyond troubling. Lift your voice.

4. Stop blaming the wrong people. I’ve watched abuse victims come into my office to bring to light the agonizing darkness of their family experience. And I have been horrified to watch families circle the wagons, turn the table, and blame the victim. Why are you trying to divide the family, they demand. Things are getting better, they argue. But the abused are not the problem. And insisting that people get over the abuse of the past in light of some level of improvement is absurd. Stop blaming the media for reporting it. Stop blaming Youtube for posting it. Stop blaming the onlookers for recording it.

5. There’s something potent about this word repent. But it’s impossible to repent of sin we won’t acknowledge. It’s impossible to repent of a transgression that we will not see. Systemically, historically, consistently this racial sin has been allowed to operate and devastate and multiply into subsequent generations. Like water to a fish, it’s the current in which we swim. That means, unless you intentionally fight it, you’re under its sway. It’s the air (pollution) we breathe. Which is why extremely sincere people could pass a lie detector test defending their lack of prejudice, and size up a guy calling him a big, bad dude. Racists don’t believe they are racists. Implicit bias really is as deadly as overt racism, because it operates undetected. And unconfessed.

6. We change by amazing grace. When I had no defense because of My sin, Jesus acted on my behalf from the tree of condemnation. He made my problem His problem, and worked His transforming miracle of mercy by His bloodied body. In my anger I am so tempted to try to shame people into a change that only happens by grace. I must cry out for justice, but I must do it while loving mercy and walking humbly.

7. “If My people called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Here’s a prayer: God, we confess our bias, our indifference, our slowness to turn from our racial sin. Change me. End racism. Stop the violence. Let justice roll. In the name of Jesus.






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