Joe Biden has won the election. This is my prayer for our nation.

Joe Biden has won the presidential election. This is how I’m praying.

I pray for a supernaturally peaceful transition of power.

I pray for peacemaking to become the superpower of God’s people.  May those who identify as followers of Jesus rise above bitterness, offense, rage and antagonism. May the peace of heaven become the healing oil for our communities.

I pray that Christian Republicans will give Biden the same mercy they gave Trump when he falls short. And I pray that Christian Democrats will give Biden the same prophetic scrutiny they gave Trump.

I pray for all the Republicans who assured us they hate racism, to now actively fight for the lives of minorities. And I pray for all the Democrats who assured us they are pro-life, to now actively fight for the lives of the unborn.

I pray that those with power will use it to do justice. May all branches of government seek justice and correct oppression.

I pray that our leaders will not call what is evil good and good evil. May we not call darkness light and light darkness. May we not be wise in our own eyes.

I ask You, Lord, to shine light on all unrighteousness. Surround the President with godly counselors to provide ideas informed by God’s righteous standard, not just a party platform.

I pray that our President and Congress will not lead from fear or anger. Grant our leaders self-control with their words.

I pray for our President to be given wisdom, understanding, and discretion.

I pray for the salvation of our leaders. Provide conversations, divine appointments, dreams, and influencers that will capture their attention and turn their hearts in repentant faith toward Jesus. Amaze our culture with key people turning to become active followers of Jesus over these next four years.

I pray for a spiritual awakening in our day. God, You oppose the proud, but give grace to the humble. Help us to humble ourselves, seek Your face, repent of our sins, and turn from our wicked ways. May the Gospel of Jesus spread far and wide.

I pray that a clearly compromised Church will acknowledge and repent of all idolatry.

I pray that a clearly divided Church will reunite in the character of Jesus.

I pray that a clearly weary Church will rise up again in otherworldly hope. Because whoever has the most hope leads.

I pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done in the United States of America, as it is in heaven.





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Thoughts on Joe Biden has won the election. This is my prayer for our nation.

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