Our Vision

We see churches of real disciples, not part-time believers… people that love God as Father, follow Him as Rabbi, and honor Him as King… people that give themselves for one another, and the cause of the lost and the least.

Churches of passion… people who stand so amazed at God’s grace that they can’t help but live lives of adventure and generosity. We see God leading us to spend ourselves for those who could never pay us back… strong with children, students, missions and the poor. We have been sent.

Ways to Get Involved:


Do Justice

“What does it look like to actually Do Justice?”.

For some, the concept of justice may not be the first thought when it comes to walking with Jesus but scripture is clear: God has declared what is right. His perfection and righteousness sets the standard of law and truth that our humanity falls short of completely; and yet, He is the perfect judge…

Love Mercy

This piece is an incredibly important non-negotiable part of
the equation.

Mercy is the recognition of the compassion of the Lord! If all we have is justice, we lack the unconditional love and understanding of our God for all people. While we are all victims of some injustices in the broken world, we are simultaneously to blame as the aggressors behind it. And so, we are all in great need of this mercy…

Walk Humbly

As human beings, our first tendency in attempting to live out this scripture may stem from our own volition or strength.

We admit this and confess our pride in our flesh and self sufficiency that keeps us in our own right minded ways. We acknowledge the only way to get this right is by trembling at the word of God, abiding in it day and night…

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