walking humbly implies staying close
in the presence of god.

As human beings, our first tendency in attempting to live out this scripture may stem from our own volition or strength. We admit this and confess our pride in our flesh and self sufficiency that keeps us in our own right minded ways. We acknowledge the only way to get this right is by trembling at the word of God, abiding in it day and night. Walking “humbly” implies staying close in the presence of God – dependent on the leadership and lordship of His spirit.

Living with a measure of humility and teachability looks like willingness to take another look at issues or topics we are most sure about. It means we listen to the critique of people knowing God is our defender and perfect Father. We can’t figure out differences among us by studying more, working hard enough, or solidifying a stronger point to be proven right. Humility is more disarming when we listen first to hear God’s voice and then to the voices of others. We abide in Him, seeking His example and acting in His ways to bear fruit in His justice and mercy.


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