this is an incredibly important
non-negotiable part of the equation.

Mercy is the recognition of the compassion of the Lord! If all we have is justice, we lack the unconditional love and understanding of our God for all people. While we are all victims of some injustices in the broken world, we are simultaneously to blame as the aggressors behind it. And so, we are all in great need of this mercy.

If we’ve ever slandered anyone, harbored a grudge, gossiped or held unforgiveness in any way, we are guilty of committing injustice against our neighbor. Here is where the church is called to not just show, demonstrate, or embody mercy, but to deeply love it as Jesus does. People are hungry for the mercy of God and it is our job as fishers of men to bring in as many as we can. Where the church has fallen short in lack of mercy, we extend forgiveness, love, and mercy to many coming to the feet of Jesus; He will discern and transform the hearts of those as He draws all men to himself.

In the same way as a child must be raised where they already trust they are unconditionally loved no matter how they mess up, so it must be for extending mercy to the other side.


Homeless Outreach

extending mercy

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