what does it look like to
do justice?

For some, the concept of justice may not be the first thought when it comes to walking with Jesus but scripture is clear: God has declared what is right. His perfection and righteousness sets the standard of law and truth that our humanity falls short of completely; and yet, He is the perfect judge. Enacting justice in the ways of Jesus means we call for clarification for what is right in an evangelistic way, just like Him.

Part of doing justice means if someone does not know something is wrong, we lift our voice on behalf of the vulnerable, oppressed, and marginalized. Our world tends to pick and choose various pieces of justice we see fit to rally behind but we must remain God-centered, calling people to awaken from their sleep and know injustice is real. God-centered people push for God’s standard in calling what is “just” and “unjust”.

If the Church doesn’t provide a voice of justice from heaven, there is always an enemy speaking a substitute from hell. God’s people need to own the justice conversation. Things always get twisted when the people who know the Judge recuse themselves from the justice dialogue in court of public thought.

The second aspect looks like mobilizing human attention, moving people to be moved by the ways of God. This means, we pray a justice prayer. We ask for the ways, laws, and actions of earth to reflect the will of God and the righteous ways of heaven. We recognize there will be push back from groups on both sides and still we side with Him and His set example. Anywhere there is darkness or shadows, we are to bring light. This is not an auxiliary or optional call; it is in our very core DNA as children of God to respond as the Father would. We respond with our words, money, actions, attention, and all of the above to shine light on the unjust shadows of our fallen world.

Get God's
heart for justice

See what his justice motivates you to do

Movie's to
watch on justice

demand action from your representative

Find your representative, see where they stand, and advocate for action for police reform.

take an implicit association self-assessment

Pray about your results and then consider discussing them with a trusted friend or mentor. 

Partner with Hot organizations for justice

It’s my personal burden to see missions in terms of a sliding scale from casual to urgent. While we support many missional efforts locally and internationally, there is a certain distinction on my heart to care for the needs carrying greater urgency.  These are the causes of global poverty and unreached people groups where we give our main voice to the people and organizations impacting the outsiders and outliers of the mission world. 

“Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.”

- Blaise Pascal

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