On Earth as it is in Heaven.

That’s the vision. That’s the only way we’ll ever see justice, mercy, and humility come true. And that is what this website is all about. In a world riddled with confusion, oppression, fear, and hatred, there really is hope – in the words, power, and character of Jesus.

Unfortunately, most people have relegated the ways of Christ to the abstract realm of theory and fairy tale. It has become my first-hand experience that there is nothing more relevant to real life than a living encounter with the living God. We make the biggest change on earth when we are most connected to heaven. That’s the dream.

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Gospel Justice in 2020 | Dr. Eric Mason

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Disciples cannot call other disciples to repentance and change if they are not themselves changed and changing...

Different makes a compelling argument that passionate love for God and the world he came to save will produce disciples who stand with, but not as, the lost world.

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About 20 years ago on the way back from a trip to Brazil, I sat next to a close friend on an airplane and we took out a small napkin. At the time, we said we would never lead a church, but if we ever did it would have to have a few non negotiable parts above everything else – winning the lost, loving the poor, and giving radically to missions. Since then, the words scribbled there quickly became imprinted on my heart from the Lord and developed into the foundation of our generosity manifesto for Greenhouse Church to give 50% to missions from every dollar given. Now, we are living in an extremely blessed, prosperous, and opportunity-laden cultural moment. In the midst of this, our church body refuses to settle for cultural norms. Today, we continue to champion the ways of Jesus as the original disciples did who abandoned earthly treasures to follow him. I am grateful for this church, a family of revolutionary disciples I could have only written down as a dream on that napkin.
Pastor Mike

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