Years back, I traveled with a close friend of mine to the favelas of Brazil. There was a clear disruption in the status quo of what I knew as the domesticated safe discipleship we often settle into. I witnessed the lives laid down for the gospel and wanted in on the fullness of this revolution. On the plane ride returning to the states, we dreamed how we could lead an American church differently.

We took out a small airplane napkin and scribbled down a few of these – winning the lost, loving the poor, giving radically to missions. I pulled that napkin back out of the corner of m backpack rereading the words written there that became imprinted on my heart from the Lord. This quickly became the foundation of our generosity manifesto.

Now, we are living in a extremely blessed, prosperous, and opportunity-laden cultural moment. In the midst of this, our church body refuses to settle for cultural norms. Today, we continue to champion the ways of Jesus as the original disciples did who abandoned earthly treasures to follow him. You all are these revolutionary disciples. I am grateful for this church, a church I could have only written down as a dream on that napkin.

Father, let us seek you first as good stewards of the blessings you have given us, that we may radically take our stance in your revolution reaching the world.

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