Pray for Baltimore.

Specific prayers get specific answers; general prayers get general answers. I suggest we get specific. Feel free to add your prayer below, but join us in calling out to God.

PRAY AGAINST: Fear. Divisiveness. Hatred. Racism. Hopelessness. Despair. Deception. Faithlessness. Injustice. Cynicism. Lawlessness. Lack of understanding. Arrogance. Violence. Racial caste systems. Class bias. Superficial treatment of systemic problems.

PRAY FOR: Love. Unity. Healing. Hope. Justice. Truth. Understanding. Discernment. Appropriate outrage. Willingness to listen. Wisdom for all in authority. Protection for those in the line of fire. Right voices to be heard. Actual change moving forward. Churches to come together. God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done in Baltimore as it is in heaven. Eyes to see the relevance and transformative power of the full gospel of Jesus.

God forbid that we only pray. And God forbid that we fail to pray.


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