I am bothered by …

I am bothered by … toxic, cheap charity that never really helps the oppressed.

I am bothered by … a painfully natural church representing an untamed and supernatural God.

I am bothered by … trivial answers to complex problems.

I am bothered by … shallow christianity that never leads to true discipleship.

I am bothered by … having to choose between charismatic excess or play-it-safe spiritual dryness.

I am bothered by … politicians hijacking the words of Jesus.

I am bothered by … christian belief that never translates into christian experience.


COVID-19 is real

The virus is real. It’s not a hoax. We’re not dreaming. It’s covering the earth. We are living in unprecedented times. It’s a pandemic, and everybody has been called to share the message with everybody of how to save lives.

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Thoughts on I am bothered by …

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