Rating your dating while waiting for mating – part 1



Studying the book of Ruth certainly stirs the pot on the subject of romance. Living in a town and being in a church with more singles than marrieds has forced me to think much more deeply about the subject.

My favorite string of questions so far have come from one of my favorite people on planet earth (listed below). Feel free to comment as I prepare for this weekend.

Because I have a Masters degree in Singleness and my invisible book title is “Waiting for mating, while engaging in Dating.” the inner mantra of every single female alive… (except five) in Christian circles at large…here are some Qs and comments:

1.) Obvious question — What does Ruth going to Boaz signify for single men and women in simple terms? 2.) Can Christian communities resist the urge of trying to “set up” single folks on dates or is that a non-existent, unnatural goal? 3). How would you encourage young adult professionals to date if they do not live in the ideal Gainesville Christian City of Angels bubble? 4). Can you encourage godly men to be honest and clear when interested in a young girl? 5). Online dating – ADDRESS THIS asap with all AUTHORITY LOL (I love you). 6). Can you please FIND my husband as soon as YESTERDAY. Thanks. 7). Please send more male missionaries to South Florida. Love you more. 8 ). Who conned us into thinking we ought to be anxious about marriage, spouse, sex, kids, etc.? 9). Is it okay to not have marriage at the top of your personal prayer list? 10). Is it okay to be single and yet not be “available” ? 11). Is it okay to be single and not be sexually frustrated? 12). Is it okay to just be passionate about your God given purpose without the second guessing of “Did I miss my window of opportunity to be married?” 13). Is it okay to think of our singleness as something else beyond “preparation for marriage” or “waiting room” for your spouse to come? I write these questions with JOY!! I prophesy a release of BOAZ’s in Jesus name….

The one thought I’ll throw down right now is this: our culture has trained us to squander our single years. Yet scripture says to steward your singleness and serve God “without distraction”, because once you get married it’s a whole new ballgame. (1 Corinthians 7) Most people I meet started the life of distraction at age 13 and never let up. More thoughts to come…

Post yours below.


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Thoughts on Rating your dating while waiting for mating – part 1

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