Fasting is waiting


Fasting is waiting.

In a world where we’ve been trained to look for quick and convenient solutions, fasting goes against the grain in every possible way. Fasting is about embracing the call to endure the wait.

Ever read the Bible and ask Why? Why did Jesus rise from the dead in Jerusalem, and then tell the disciples to go to Galilee to see Him, only to tell them to go back to Jerusalem and wait for the Promise of the Father? Why all the drama? Why all the walking? We know Jesus  said, It’s better that I leave so I can send the Holy Spirit. But why not just ascend and instantly send the promised Spirit? Why send the disciples back to an upper room where they will have to endure another ten days of praying and wondering and waiting? And speaking of ten days, why does’t God tell them how long they will be waiting? Wouldn’t that be easier?

I like fulfillment. I like receiving. And yet in between the promise and the fulfillment, God schedules the wait. But like an impatient child shaking the gifts under a Christmas tree for days leading up to Christmas morning, it’s the wait that drives me nuts. But as hard as it is to swallow, waiting does what nothing else will do. There is something about a God-lover who has nothing but a promise and a commitment to sit in that upper room until the promise comes to pass.

Fasting is where we put our body, our agendas, and our strength on hold because we recognize the wisdom of this truth: My grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect in weakness. Few things put you in touch with your weakness like a season of fasting. And waiting.

Listen to truth: Those who wait for Me will not be put to shame. (Isaiah 49:23)  No eye has seen a God besides you, who works for those who wait for Him. (Isaiah 64:4) Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles. (Isaiah 40:31)

Waiting is worth it.

When you’re in that upper room, all you have is a promise. A word. But you will receive power. You will receive strength. Because man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from God. People go into the upper room one way, and they come out another, because it’s in the wait that we let patience have it’s full effect, that we may be complete, lacking nothing. (James 1:4)

I dare you to join us in fasting this week as we seek the heart of God. Eyes on Jesus. Compelled by grace. But confident that this God keeps his promises.

I hope to see you in our prayer meetings next week.


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