Especially for leaders – questions I ask during a fast


Questions I ask during a fast, directed especially toward our leaders:

How can I bring the most GLORY to God through my life, family, job this year?

When I’m at my best, what do I BURN for? What desire is so strong I’d be willing to overcome the obstacles?  What do I know I am called to do? What would I take a bullet for? What orders have I received from God? God’s will is often wrapped around our purest desires. Pray and meditate long enough to be crystal clear about this burning purpose.

Is the goal/purpose/desire specific enough to WRITE IT DOWN? Put a date on the desire. (“I intend to multiply our microchurch by summer … I intend to open a fair trade restaurant with the greatest atmosphere anyone has ever seen by 2020 … I purpose to establish a daily, organic, enjoyable prayer life in the next 40 days … I intend to write a book by Dec 31 … Our microchurch will raise the money to build 2 more children’s homes for rescued slaves by Christmas … I intend to plant a church, start a business, invent a widget by …) Write this out and pray about all through your fast.

Have I clarified what I will GIVE UP in return for this burning purpose? Something will have to be cheated. Choose to cheat wisely. I suggest starting by cheating your time with television, movies, internet surfing, wasteful social media. Fast and pray about money and time and possibly unfruitful relationships that will hold you in the land of futility. Cut off the cable to work on the burning desire at night? Skip Facebook to have time to tutor a kid at Lincoln Middle School? Wake up one hour earlier to develop a revolutionary prayer life? Clarify this in prayer this week.

Have I WRITTEN OUT a plan to pull this off? Write out a specific plan about this burning purpose, and start working on it today. The plan does not need to be the final draft. You can modify it 100 times, but get the ball rolling.


Let’s make our fasting more than starvation, and fully engage in God-centered purpose. Specific prayers get specific answers. General prayers get general answers. So go for it.

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