What I learned from al Qaeda on 9/11

Five hundred thousand dollars.

That number blows my mind. Not because it’s so big, but because it’s so small. That’s what it cost al Qaeda to pull off the attacks of September 11, 2001. A half a million dollars to alter the mindset of a culture. A half a million dollars to inflict somewhere near 2 trillion dollars in damage to the US. A half a million dollars to change the world.

It bothers me.

Eleven years later. I’m bothered by the thought of a tiny movement of people, who live in caves, who can’t show their faces, who are hunted by the most powerful military ever, most of whom have never met their leaders in person, and do not spend much money, can organize so effectively, and devote themselves so fiercely … to change the world.

Yeah, they changed the world.

With fear. For hate. By violence. With a 500K investment.

What if we decided to network, organize, sacrifice, and lay our lives on the line … to change the world. What would happen if we realized that it has never required a multitude to change culture, just a loyal few, humble enough to get in one accord and brave enough to embrace the mission?

Imagine what we could do with loveFor justice. In the name of Jesus. By the power of his Spirit.

Let’s roll with that.


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Thoughts on What I learned from al Qaeda on 9/11

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